The Local Tour Guide Of Playa del Carmen


Hi, if you are reading this is because probably you are thinking about coming to Playa Del Carmen, and I say to you, don't think twice! 

I'm going to guide as if you were a born and raised guy in Playa del Carmen. Once you are in Playa del Carmen you need to walk in the 5th AV. Is the heart of Playa del Carmen, imagine yourself walking in the street and Watching people all over the world just chilling and worrying about having a good time, well that is exactly the 5th avenue! Is a 5 km street full of handcraft stores, bars, restaurants, tour guides, dancer, musicians, and all the good things that are in the world. 


Mexican cuisine is one of the richest and most varied in the world (at least for me) within the 5th avenue you can find many Mexican food restaurants that take typical Mexican food to a more gourmet level, I am sure that the one you choose will give you It will leave you more than satisfied but since this guide is to introduce you to Playa del Carmen as if you lived here, I recommend you go out a little from 5th avenue and visit the inns that serve traditional Yucatecan food such as Empanadas, Salbutes, Tamales and Tacos. Some of the places that I recommend to enjoy an authentic regional Mexican food are El fogon, Empanas Don Teo, Loncheria Sandra and the Municipal Market that is located on 10 av between 8 and 6, just google these places and they will tell you the exact address. 

Night Life

The nightlife in playa del carmen is a reflection of its cultural multidevirsity, here you can find fun for all tastes, if what you want is to manage your expenses we recommend you to cerverceria chapultec, this place is the favorite to warm up engines by the locals in playa del carmen, once you are ready to dance you can go to avenida 12 and there you will find a variety of clubs where you can have a few drinks and dance all night. One of the most visited clubs by locals is La Embajada, Santino these are perfect for dancing all night, if what you want is live music we recommend the bar La chancla y Fa. 

After you alredy know the main atracttion of Playa del Carmen, you need to explore the rest of the area, there are a lot of things to do. I recomend you to visit Chicen Itza one of the most importants temples of the Mayan Culture, in there one of our tourguides will explain to you all about the mayan culture, one of the benefits of coming eith us is that you will be exploring at your own pace and rest whenever you need it, after that we  will visit one of the most beautiful cenotes in the are the cenote IK´KIL this would be a perfect opportunitie for you too refresh yourself and enjoy a delicious snak. Imagine yourself doing this and creating memories that will last for ever! Get in touch with us and we will help you to plan the perfect vacation for you and your Family.

Marco Antonio Gonzalez Mora